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About Rhenania

Rhenania is active in the coating of pipes for the transport of oil, gas, water and other liquids. We specialise in the application of various coatings and linings on and in pipes with a diameter of 1/2" up to 48". Jacob Roest Schouten founded 'Rhenania' (latin for the river Rhine) in 1900, an original painting company with a glass business from Aplhen aan de Rijn. Rhenania soon consisted of three companies: a paint factory, a bicycle and car company and the asphalt plant.

In the asphalting plant, from 1900 gas and water pipes were covered both inside and outside with a layer of asphalt to prevent rusting. This was done by immersion in liquefied asphalt. Rhenania has a long history and a wealth of experience. Rhenania is one of Europe's most important independent pipe coaters. With a production and storage facility in Nijmegen Rhenania provides its services to gas, oil and water companies in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is fully integrated into Rhenania's daily operations. It is a natural part of the way we do business. Respect for people, nature and the environment is the starting point for our CSR policy. This means, among other things, that we deal well with the safety and welfare of our own personnel, but also have an eye for the rights and welfare of people who work for our (foreign) partners and suppliers. Naturally, we take measures to combat energy waste and environmental pollution, for example by dealing responsibly with CO2 emissions.

People, planet, profit

Just double-sided printing and switching off the light where possible is not enough for us. We are actively looking for win-win situations: improvements and innovations in business processes that are not only good for our people and the environment, but also bring economic benefits. In this way we give substance to the 3 Ps of CSR: people, planet and profit.

Rhenania is part of the A.Hak group.

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    Cut back Cut back

    Cut back

    Processing the coating at a pipe end - making the so-called ‘cut back’ - was always done at Rhenania by manual cutting or machine brushing.

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    Single layer coating test performed Single layer coating test performed

    Single layer coating test performed

    Fusion Bonding Epoxy (FBE) is an anti-corrosion coating that offers protection to small and large diameter pipes.

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    New stainless steel blasting machine New stainless steel blasting machine

    New stainless steel blasting machine

    Rhenania is facing a number of busy weeks. To expand capacity and operate more flexibly, the company has invested in a new blasting machine for the stainless steel Pipes.

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    Assigment for Vallourec Assigment for Vallourec

    Assigment for Vallourec

    Rhenania recently acquired two new assignments. The first project started at the end of November and concerns the coating of 12.5km of pipeline for Hurricane Energy.